Friday, 8 May 2015

Travel Multan

     It is all about Multan city of Pakistan which is said to be 5000 B.C. historic oldest living city and sister city of Rome. Rig Veda was written here, Alexander the great captured it, famous Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang visited here. Previously it was called "City of Gold" now called "City of Saints". I have given all information regarding tourism to help tourists and pilgrims.

Fort Kohna Multan

It is located in the middle of the city within the inner old city of Multan. There are only few remains of the fort while few other places inside are
Enterance of Fort Kohna Multan

  1. Dam dama, a place highest in Multan where you can stand and view the whole city and a picture with Shrine of Shah Rukn i Alam in background in Fort Kohna Multan
  2. Tomb Shah Rukne Alam 1335 A.D, a place must to visit in Fort Kohna Multan
  3. Tomb Bahaudin Zikarya 1170 AD, an ancient tomb in Fort Kohna Multan
  4. Tomb of Shah Bukhari Fort Kohna Multan
  5. Qasim gate or Bab ul Qasim of Fort Kohna Multan
  6. Ibne Qasim International Cricket Stadium now used for football Fort Kohna Multan
  7. Qasim Park / Qasim Bagh / Qasim Garden inside Fort Kohna Multan
  8. Memorial of Patrick Alexander Agnew inside Qasim Bagh, Fort Kohna Multan
  9. An old jet fighter, inside Qasim Bagh Fort Kohna Multan
  10. Old Zamzama? Cannon of nineteenth century in Police Lines Fort Kohna Multan
  11. Barood Khana / Nigar Khana / Gunpowder Store Fort Kohna Multan
  12. Ruins of Perhaland temple alongside tomb Bahaudin Zikarya Fort Kohna Multan
  13. Feed the wild pigeons in Multan Fort

A sketch of Fort Kohna during period of Sadozai

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