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Esperanto Symbols

Je la nomo de Allah, la donema, la pardonema.

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Multan, Pakistano.

Esperanto Symbols

The Esperanto flag was adopted by the first 

World Esperanto Congress in 1905. 

The green star (verda stelo) was purposed 

early on and adopted into the Esperanto flag. 

The green of the flag represents hope; 

the white area represents peace and neutrality; 

and the 5 point star represents the 5 continents 

of Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa, and Oceania.

The Esperanto Jubilee Symbol (jubilea simbolo

was created in 1987 to mark the 100th anniversary 

of Esperanto. It was constructed from two E's: 

the Latin E on one side (representing the West) 

and a Cyrillic Э (for Эсперанто which is Russian 

for 'Esperanto') on the right side.

On December 15th, 2009 Google added an 

Esperanto Flag in their logo on search result 

pages to celebrate L. L. Zamenhof's 150th birthday.

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